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        Wax removing inhibitant

        Chemical composition: a combination of multiple surfactants

        Specification Model and physical and chemical properties:

        Representative model number





        Light yellow to yellowish red uniform liquid

        Density (20℃)/ (g/ mL)


        Freezing point/ (℃)

        ≤ -10.0

        Wax melting rate/( mg/mL·min)


        Saturated wax solubility/(mg/mL)



        Uses & Applications: It can be widely used in oil wells and pipelines with high wax content. It has the characteristics of fast wax removal, good effect, and low consumption. This series of products can be used to remove wax and prevent blockages in oil pumping wells, self-blowing wells, gas lift wells and oil pipelines.

        1. Oil well wax removal (1) Stop pumping and emptying, inject the wax remover into the tubing, soak the wax to dissolve for 2-6 hours, and start pumping.

        (2) Add the wax removal agent from the casing gate or vent to remove all the wax near the blasthole of the oil layer and the wax in the tubing. The details are subject to on-site test conditions.

        2. Oil pipeline wax removal: According to the length of the pipeline and the amount of wax deposition. Use a plunger pump or a cement truck to add a certain amount of wax remover to the pipeline soaking for 2-8 hours, and then pressurize it. The details are subject to on-site test conditions.

        Storage and transportation conditions: The wax remover is an inflammable and explosive material, so please pay attention to fire prevention. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent sunlight. The validity period of this product is 1 year from the date of production.

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