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      1. PRODUCTS

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        Petroleum demulsifier (JL series; A series; LH series)

        1, Product overview

        Petroleum demulsifier is a kind of water-soluble polymer with amines, alcohols, phenols, etc. as initiators. Under special catalysts, they are separately synthesized with polyoxyethylene and polyoxypropylene blocks. Emulsion; In order to better meet the needs of different oil fields, the company has jointly developed the JL series of oil solubility through school-enterprise cooperation!


        2, Representative products



        JL-1; JL-4; JL-27, JL-25

        Low temperature demulsification

        JL-333; JL-409; JL-413; JL-444;

        Heavy oil demulsification

        A-20; A-28

        Fast demulsification

        LH-10; LH-12; LH-7421; LH-40

        Refinery desalination


        3. Quality specifications

        Products comply with corporate standards. Packed in 200L small open barrel or 1m 3 IBC drum, the shelf life is 1 year.

        4. Main ingredients

        Phenolic resin polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene ether, fatty alcohol polyoxypropylene polyoxyethylene ether, and derivatives thereof.

        5, Uses & Applications

        It is widely used in the dehydration of crude oil in oil fields and the dehydration and desalination of refineries. It can reduce equipment fouling and corrosion, reduce energy consumption, and improve product quality. Especially for low temperature demulsification, heavy oil demulsification multiple emulsion demulsification, and rapid demulsification of offshore crude oil have outstanding performance. It has the characteristics of fast dehydration speed, high dehydration rate and wide adaptability.

        Petroleum demulsifiers should be used alone, without being screened, and should not be mixed with other demulsifiers.

        This product can be mixed with water or organic solvents to form solutions of different concentrations, or directly added to crude oil emulsions. It can also be added in oilfield joint stations, metering stations or oil wells, and added to the feeding holes of oil pipelines to carry out crude oil emulsions. Demulsification dehydration. The specific usage amount is subject to the on-site test increase.

        6, Storage and transportation conditions

        Store in a cool, dry, ventilated place, avoid sun and rain, and keep away from fire. During the handling process, if any packaging leaks, it should be immediately transferred to a suitable closed disposal container. If accidentally splashed on the skin or clothing during use, rinse immediately with plenty of water, and seek medical attention if necessary.

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